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Is WordPress Suitable For Live-Blogging?

Is WordPress Suitable For Live-Blogging?

For good and for bad, immediacy is an essential component of successful online publishing. To engage attention, publishers have to capture the wave of a trending topic before it peaks. Traditional blogs aren’t well suited to covering events as they happen. Blogging is an after-the-fact medium. Blogs are an exceptional platform for analysis, news reporting, and other writing, but they are not…

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Latest Social Media Optimization Trends of 2014

Latest Social Media Optimization Trends of 2014

Social media optimization is a holistic approach in the natural search optimization process. It is very useful for your business websites that make them easy to spread over the web. In short, it is a good way to generate a high traffic to a website. Through this medium, you can easily popularize your website on different social media platforms. Let’s start a discussion about some of the latest…

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Social Media Websites: Features and Great Achievements

Social Media Websites: Features and Great Achievements


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Social media platform is highly dedicated to companies and technology professionals to collaborate, connect and create a balanced ecosystem. No doubt, social media websites are gaining huge popularity all over the world. Social mediais basically a widely used and broad term. It covers a large number of websites. However, the common link among these websites…

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Let’s Get Started with Affiliate Marketing in 2014

Let’s Get Started with Affiliate Marketing in 2014


In the present era, affiliate marketingis one of the most popular methods of online money making. It is a very vast field which helps in easy promotion of business products and services based on payout, category, popularity, etc. Here is a quick and easy rundown on affiliate marketing for beginners. If you really want to learn about it, then you just need to put a few efforts and reap out the…

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Affiliate Marketing: Simple Model for Making Money Online

Affiliate Marketing: Simple Model for Making Money Online

Making money with affiliate marketingcan be a very profitable venture. It not only requires very little initial investment, but also needs on what you want to focus on. It is not a new activity; in fact, affiliate marketing has been around since before the advent of the World Wide Web just in a vaguely different semblance. In short, it is just an internet based marketing practice of promoting…

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Top Three Must Have Features For a Shopping Cart

Top Three Must Have Features For a Shopping Cart

E-commerce is growing like anything these days. With more and more people getting familiar with the ease and comfort of online shopping, more and more businesses are getting there e-stores built up using some shopping cart software.

If you have ever owned an e-commerce website, you would know the importance of a shopping cart in the success of your online store. If you are an experienced player…

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Get loaded with top SEO tools to acquire optimal organic traffic

Get loaded with top SEO tools to acquire optimal organic traffic

SEO as we all know is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimizationwhich is the best thing for Bloggers as well as Webmasters in order to drive the real and unlimited traffic from all the search engines. There are many advanced as well as basic things that can be learned from step by step methods and can be implemented on the websites and blogs for various purposes. These purposes may include…

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