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SEO - A One Time Game or A Continuous Process?

SEO – A One Time Game or A Continuous Process?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization requires you to continuously put some work into your site even after the site has been optimized once for search engines. SEO is not like plug and play where you can just optimize your site once and leave it forever expecting it will keep growing in the search results. Big names in the SEO industry like Brent Fransonsay that bloggers and webmasters have a…

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$200 Blog Commenting Contest’s Winners Announced

$200 Blog Commenting Contest’s Winners Announced

Well the $200 Blog Commenting Contest ended yesterday.

I am glad to see that top three of the contestants were all Indians.

This contest saw some great contestants sharing their views and thoughts here on this blog.

So, here we go, according to the stats on the last day, the winners are as follow:

  1. Ravi Chahar – 480 comments
  2. Suprabhat Mondal – 268 comments
  3. Rajaraman K – 139 comments

Now according…

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Day 8 Bonus Prize Winner Announced - $200 Blog Commenting Contest

Day 8 Bonus Prize Winner Announced – $200 Blog Commenting Contest

Day 8’s bonus prize winner has been finalized.

Yesterday’s contest was about a random winner who was to be chosen by a lottery system.

What I did was that I drew any three random numbers from yesterday’s comments. If two out of three comments were from the same author, that author was declared winner.

Luckily for me, I got this process done in the very fist time and the winner is “Virtuo Rohit”.

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8 SureFire Ways To Monetize Your Blog

8 SureFire Ways To Monetize Your Blog

One of the most discussed topics in the blogosphere, I realized, is the issue of “Blog Monetization” and its one thing I also noticed give a lot of folks headache and sure sleepless nights. You’d say, “But Rohit how do you manage to know these things?” You can say it’s owing to the fact that I have once threaded that route having no clue as to how I should monetize my blog.

And one of the many…

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Day 4 Winner Announced - $200 Blog Comamenting Contest

Day 4 Winner Announced – $200 Blog Comamenting Contest

There was a slight delay yesterday in announcing the results of  Day 4 of $200 Blog Commenting Contest.

Well, it’s time now that we declare the winner of Day 4.

I feel proud that Ravi Chahar has once again won the contest. He is the winner of Part 1, part 2 and the most shares part.

So what he gets is Rs.1,500 for the Day 4.

Although his payment for Day 2 has not been processed yet due to some…

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Day 5 Bonus Prize Announced - $200 Blog Commenting Contest - Get Paid For Every Comment Today

Day 5 Bonus Prize Announced – $200 Blog Commenting Contest – Get Paid For Every Comment Today

Day 4’s Bonus Prize Contest’s results have been finalized. I am holding the results for now and will announce them after a few hours.

Now it’s time to announce the Bonus Prize for Day 5 of $200 Blog Commenting Contest.

Today’s contest will be a completely different one.

I call this contest ” Comment and Earn”

Now this contest is more like a Cost-per-Action offer.

Today, everyone will get paid for…

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Is Article Marketing Dead in 2014?

Is Article Marketing Dead in 2014?


Remember article marketing?

Yes exactly the one in which we used to submit high quality articles to different article directories. Those articles used to have links to the homepage of our blog or website.

Article marketing was long used till 2012 to generate high quality backlinks, traffic and SEO for our blog/website.

But as the time faded, it was replaced by guest posting, social bookmarking…

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Day 3 Bonus Prize Winner Announced - $200 Blog Commenting Contest

Day 3 Bonus Prize Winner Announced – $200 Blog Commenting Contest

This was really tough for me at first. I just went on reading each and every comment of yesterday.

But just then I remembered that the minimum word length for any comment to qualify was 150 words.

After applying this filter, I have come to this decision that there is a tie between Ravi Chahar and Rajaraman K for these two comments :…

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Day 4 Bonus Prize - Win $30 - $200 Blog Commenting Contest

Day 4 Bonus Prize – Win $30 – $200 Blog Commenting Contest

Well it’s been a lazy Sunday so far.

I am yet processing the results of yesterday. It’s taking longer than usual as I have to read each and every comment and then note down to remember which one is eligible for the “Most Valuable Comment”. It will take a few hours more to declare the results.

Anyway, I am announcing the bonus prize for Day 4.

In Day 4, the highest commentator till 5 PM IST of…

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