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$200 Blog Commenting Contest From 18 September-28 September 2014

$200 Blog Commenting Contest From 18 September-28 September 2014

I am going to organize our first Blog Commenting Contest at WordPress Money Blog from 18 Sept-28 Sept, 2014. The prize money will be $200 for the winner. That is, you can make $200 in just 10 days just by commenting on WordPress Money Blog.

This contest is an initiative by us to help people realize their dream of making money online. By participating in this content, you can earn some serious…

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How George Brown Makes $3,000+/day From Clickbank - Google Sniper 2.0 Review

How George Brown Makes $3,000+/day From Clickbank – Google Sniper 2.0 Review

wpmoneyblog-google-sniper -1

Who doesn’t know George Brown? We can call him an internet marketing expert who has not only made millions and millions himself, but has also helped millions others to attain their dream of making money online and living a life off the internet. You can read more about : George Brown The Internet Millionaire.

Now let’s talk a little more about him. George Brown is an internet millionaire or may…

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How I Make Money Online Using Flipkart Affiliate Program - Income Stats

How I Make Money Online Using Flipkart Affiliate Program – Income Stats

In my last blogging tip, I discussed about how we can make money online in India using the Flipkart Affiliate Program. Flipkart is the biggest E-Commerce portal in India and will remain so in the next decades to come.

The great thing about Flipkart is that they offer an affiliate programwhere you can get a piece of their earnings by promoting and selling their stuff. So why not use this…

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How to Make Money Online in India Using Flipkart Affiliate Program - Blogging Tip 1

How to Make Money Online in India Using Flipkart Affiliate Program – Blogging Tip 1

make money online Flipkart-

Who doesn’t know about Flipkart? Flipkart is the biggest e-commerce store online in India. But only few know about how you can use Flipkart to make money online in India. Infact, you can use Flipkart to generate full-time income just sitting at your home while they do all the stuff for you.

According to a recent survey, Flipkart receives around 40,000 unique orders from all over the India on a…

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Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online

Legitimate Ways To Make Money Online

Thanks to technology, telecommuting or working from home is now possible. Having a job while staying at home is now a reality, something most people only dreamt of before. With the numerous earn-fast schemes online, many of these admittedly might be scams or hoaxes.

However, there are numerous legitimate ways to make money online these days aside from these scams. Below are just some of them.


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How to Start a Successful Blog?

In my last post, I discussed some methods which you can use to make money online using your blog. In this piece, I will share with you how to start a blog which will be successful and will generate loads of profits for you in the future.

First to start your blog, you will need following things:

  • Blogging Platforms:- You need a platform or a host to host your blog. You can host your blog for free at Blogger, Wordpress, Tumblr and there are many more. With these platforms you can create your blog for free and keep it going for as long as you want. But being free, these platforms have limited features and usability. If you are really serious about using your blog as a source to make money online, then you must use paid hosting. You can use Godaddy, Bluehost, Hostgator etc. to host your blog. Even search engines give more preference to blogs which have paid hosting rather than free ones.
  • Domain Name:- Once you are done with choosing your host, you will next need a domain name for your blog. If you are using a free host, you will be given a subdomain like Whereas you can choose your own .com domain like It is advised to register a domain with .com extension as these are again more successful than the subdomains. Choose your domain name wisely.
  • Niche to Blog:- You must find a niche on which you are going to blog. In general, you can choose anything but it would be better if you choose something which is in demand right now and which seems profitable. A good niche is important for success of any blog. Again choose your niche wisely so as to make profits in long term.

These are the things which you will need to start your blog. I will tell you the rest of the process in my next post.

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